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To keep children active and engaged at a time when a lot of children’s sports are not yet back running, we are offering after school surfing to our local children to get them in the water, learning, improving and enjoying the thrills of surfing!

Get your children active and enjoying life on the coast with our After School Surfing Programs

To give families, parents and children alike, a great fun option for sport, actviity and exercise, we are offering after school surfing programs specifically for children in our GromSquad programs.

Depending on demand, we will run programs after school from 4pm to 5pm and will run them in 5 week blocks. 

The cost of these After School Surfing Programs for 5 weeks will be $85 per grom for one afternoon a week, or $145 for two sessions per week.

During the lessons, our instructors will introduce and progress the groms through correct surfing technique, teach important surf safety and surf awareness skills and give them sessions full of exercise and fun!

To ensure that we are abiding by the Government’s regulations and for us to provide COVIDSafe programs, we have implemented temporary COVID protocols which can be seen here.

During this COVID period, we would strongly recommend that our surfers have and use their own wetsuits.

Please give us a call or send us an email to register your interest for your Grom or Groms.

With these programs, Groms will be booked in for a specifc session, or sessions, each week for the five weeks with full payment made at the start of the first lesson. Unfortunately, there will be no make up sessions if a grom misses one session and we cannot have groms switching between groups and days each week.

If children were unable to commit to the 5 lessons, we could have them for one off, two or three lessons in this program. For a single lesson the cost is $35. For two lessons, it is $55 and three lessons is $70. For two or three lesson bookings, full payment needs to be made at the first lesson or alternatively the single lesson price is payable. These lessons need to be taken within the five week block.

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