Beginner Surf Lessons

Beginner Surf Lessons – Group Lessons

Our Beginner Surf Lessons are an excellent way to get you started surfing

Come and experience the thrill and excitement of surfing in our Gold Coast Beginner Surf Lessons. We offer Group Beginner Surf Lessons on the Gold Coast for all ages throughout the year.

We are situated at the pristine Greenmount Beach, on the southern end of the Gold Coast – the ideal location for all levels of surfer from the first time entry level, to the highly capable top end surfer!

Our group Gold Coast Beginner Surf Lessons generally run for two hours (dependent upon the number of people in the class – if there are only a couple in the class, it may be a shorter lesson). Group Beginner Surf Lessons are maintained at a maximum of 8 students per Instructor in the surf to maximise student attention, help, supervision and safety. With all our surfing lessons, your professional surf instructor will get in the water with you to help you learn and progress. We believe it is the only way to effectively teach students and enable them to learn, understand and improve.

Our learn to surf programs are structured in a way that promotes learning and progressing in a super fun environment with step by step demonstrations, explanations and structured lesson plans. This will have you up and surfing as soon and quickly as possible.

All our Gold Coast Beginner Surf Lessons include surf instruction, your soft surfboard, a wetsuit or rash-vest depending on the time of year and water temperature and sun cream. We use soft boards that are stable, easy to balance, paddle, stand and ride but most importantly are safe to learn on. They all have soft fins, leg ropes and are made from a soft material making your surf lessons not only really enjoyable but very safe as well.

Our Gold Coast Beginner Surf Lessons introduce the student to surfing and begin the learning process of the sport. We are able to cater for all age groups from the very young to those who may have a few extra years up their sleeve but still young at heart and willing and wanting to have a go at something new.

We have taught people from 4 years old to those youngsters in their 80’s. Our beginner surf lessons are perfect and a fantastic activity for people of all ages and abilities, nationalities and cultures. Our patient professional staff will do their best to ensure that you have a fantastic time, learn a lot, catch a heap of waves and do it all in a very safe and non-threatening environment! Come and join us in our Beginner Surf Lessons on the southern end of the Gold Coast.

* Generally our Group Beginner Lessons are 2 hours long but if there are only a small number in the group, the Lesson will be shorter.

For surfers wanting their own foam board, here is some info on what we can assist with. Also as surfers progress and improve and then move into the line up, it is vital they understand Surf Etiquette, that is the basic rules of surfing.

Coolangatta QLD

Meet here 15 minutes prior to your lesson
Hi to all at Greenmount I was up there last week and booked in for a group lesson on Sunday, Fathers Day. I can already surf, but hadn’t been on a wave for 18months. So out we went, Dan and I, into a lovely little rolling surf. The water temp was very pleasant (down here around Newcastle it’s still 16), the sun was shining, and I didn’t have to paddle too much, which was good, because I’m 72. Had a really good session with Dan. He was very supportive, and encouraging. He pumped me up no end; made me think that I wasn’t past it just yet, so now I’ll have to keep at it, which was my intention anyway. Beforehand, he did ask me what I hoped to gain from the lesson. “I’d just like to be able to stand up and catch a reasonable wave to show that I can still do it.” That happened, so it was all good. Thanks for the opportunity to do it, on such a surfer-friendly wave, and thanks to Dan for his upbeat and positive encouragement. It was a great morning. Cheers, Garry H.
Garry H

Newcastle NSW

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