Corporate Surf Sessions

Corporate team building sessions for your workforce

Next time you are organising a corporate event for your work place, why not consider a Corporate Surfing Session with Walkin on Water?

Next time you are organising an event for your work place, you are in charge of organising activity options for conferences or for any other function with work mates, friends or family, why not consider including one of our Corporate Surfing Sessions with Walkin’ on Water. Whether it is a corporate function, convention, business event or office party, a surfing experience is a great challenge and much fun.

We can arrange various packages and sessions for Corporate Surfing Sessions depending on what suits you from a short session in a day to a session that fills a morning or afternoon or organising for the surfing experience to be split up over a full day. We have many adaptable options that can be designed around your requirements. We can provide a vast and flexible range of services that suit and fit with what you may have in mind. Not only can we offer you surf lessons but we can also provide specific fitness sessions, team building activities and group exercise programs designed and run by a Nationally Qualified Certificate IV Personal Trainer and Fitness Instructor. It is a fantastic way to build morale, team spirit and office bonding in an environment outside the work place which can have very positive effects on productivity and employee morale.

Whatever the occasion, we are able to provide you with a high quality service for your company or business packed with laughs, memories and enjoyment. Contact us via phone or email for more information and to begin planning your occasion.

For organisers of a convention, a learn to surf option as an activity is a sensational release, change of pace and mindset for attendee’s, letting them clear their heads so they can be fresh for the next round of presentations. For attendee’s partners, surfing is an exciting activity which can be scheduled as an optional activity to fill in the time during the convention presentations.

It could also be scheduled at the end of the convention celebrating the completion and success of the presentations.


Employee satisfaction and productivity are vital to business, both small business and large companies. The harder your workforce performs, the greater the benefits and resultant profits for the business/company. Ensuring staff and employees are happy in their jobs and are willing and wanting to work hard is therefore an extremely important aspect of the overall business and company plan. There are a number of studies and papers outlining the benefits and advantages of maintaining staff contentment. Contrary to what some people might think, this is not always based on salary and promotions. Below are some published results and statistics showing this relationship. We would be happy to forward more studies and documentation on to you if you would like to read them and see how an activity can give you great benefits, outweighing the small investment you make in employee satisfaction.


  • 89% of Australian office executives lose sleep due to the stress or worry of work, and three out of four believe their health suffers because of their job
  • Research shows that companies who spend money on health and fitness programs return three times that amount in increased productivity and reduced absenteeism (Roberts, P (1996) Health Promotion saves companies money, The Australian Financial Review, 13.)
  • Employees who have poor fitness are absent from work 2.5 times more often than those who have excellent fitness (Tucker et al, (1990) Cardiovascular fitness and absenteeism in 8301 employed adults, American Journal of Health Promotion vol 5, no. 2, 140-145)
  • 63% say that health and personal relationships are more important to them than pay increases or promotion (Fairfax Interactive Network, Study 2001)

Involvement by your organisation in a Corporate Wellness Program can and will

  • Boost staff and company morale and foster team building
  • Reduce absenteeism
  • Improved health, fitness and wellness among staff means increased productivity, improved efficiency, improved motivation, improved concentration and decision making skills, improved time management and a reduction of errors at work.
  • Improve staff retention and reduce staff turnover
  • Reduce health care costs
  • Promote a positive image for the company as a caring employer by the staff. This will also filter through to friends and family outside the organisation.
  • Improve staff loyalty
  • The resulting good word of mouth will position your organisation as a good corporate citizen

Thanks so much for organising the surf lesson for us on Saturday, we all had an absolute blast and Dan was an awesome instructor!

Thanks so much again for the lesson!


Corporate Events Organiser, Bank of Queensland

If you would like to oraganse a corporate surfing event, or discuss your options or requirements, contact us today.

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