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Walkin’ On Water Surf School – COVID-19 Safe

We are super excited to finally be back getting people out in the water surfing again with us and to do it COVID Safe!

With all this craziness of the coronavirus epidemic, it will be a very welcome reprieve and relief to be able to exercise again. What better way to do it than by starting surfing and getting the physical benefits, feeling the thrills and excitement of surfing but more importantly, getting the mental benefits as well.

There is nothing more powerful to settle ones mind, bring calm and perspective back to our life and connect us to our inner peace, than getting out into the ocean and challenging ourselves with the fun and games in the waves.

Now, of all times, is the perfect opportunity to get into surfing, to feel the healing benefits of the ocean and take time out from the stresses and pressures that COVID-19 has weighted us down with for the past few months.

We have written a specific COVID-19 Operating Policy to maximise everyone’s safety and minimise the chance of spreading the virus through our surfing lessons and activities. Please click here to see a copy of our new protocols that will be used during the COVID-19 period.

Adjusted Standard Operating Procedures

Here is a brief summary of minor adjustments we have made to some of our standard WoW operating procedures. Please click here to view our complete WoW COVID-19 Operating Policy.

  • There will be NO manual sign ins, all sign ins must be done via the website
  • Everyone must check in using our unique QR code on the Check In Qld App
  • All surfers over 12 years old must show proof of being fully vaccinated by showing their Vaccination Certificate

After all of our rash shirts and wetsuits, if any, are used, they will be washed in a solution of water with a cleaning detergent component safe and appropriate to use with wetsuits.

Participant Responsibilities

During the period of COVID-19, WoW participants have a responsibility to themselves, Walkin’ On Water Surf School and the wider community to reduce the transmission and prevalence of the virus. These responsibilities include

  • Staying at home if experiencing any COVID symptoms or after having been in contact with a confirmed COVID-19 case
  • Completing the sign in participation form online
  • Using safe hygiene practices
    • Covering sneezes and coughs
    • Using and immediately disposing of tissues
    • Hand washing
    • Social distancing
  • Applying sunscreen before arriving to the surf school

Participant Recommendations

During the period of COVI-19, WoW is recommending participants to

  • Use their own wetsuit if they have it
  • Lock all possessions and personal items into their car or have their family or friends look after them and only leave the keys in the surf school truck
  • Check In using the Check In QLD app and our unique QR Code
  • For all surfers over 12 years of age, we also need to see a Full Vaccination Certificate
  • These are QLD State Government requirements and unfortunately failure to do these will mean not being able to surf with us


WoW Temporary Procedural Changes

To accommodate our new COVID-19 Policy, here are some of our temporary changes in Lessons, Lesson Structure and Lesson Plans.

  • Arrival and meeting will occur on the grass maintaining social distancing
  • We recommend and ask all surfers to provide their own sunscreen
  • At the completion of the lesson
    • All used rash shirts will be placed in a separate bucket to be washed as per our COVID-19 policy
    • All used wetsuits will be placed in a separate bucket to be washed as per our COVID-19 policy
  • Lesson begins with very brief introduction followed by allocation of boards, taking extreme care to maintain required distancing
  • Full land component of the lesson is to be done on the beach, as opposed to the introduction and initial part of the lesson occurring on the grass by the truck

Thank you very much for your understanding and for complying with this and allowing us to maximise COVID safety and abide by the State Government requirements.

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