Gold Coast Learn to Surf

Gold Coast Learn to Surf Lessons

Gold Coast Learn to Surf Lessons

If you want to learn to surf, learn with the Gold Coast’s Premier Surf School in our Gold Coast Learn to Surf Lessons.

Our Learn to Surf Lessons are comprehensively structured that we have developed specifically for the maximising the learning, fun and safety of everyone in the lesson.

The first step of our Gold Coast Learn to Surf lesson is a comprehensive introduction which includes explanations and demonstrations by one of our professional Surf Instructors on the techniques and positions of the various aspects of surfing. Everything from the holding of the board, getting on and paddling to standing up is  explained and demonstrated in a very easy to understand and simple way. This gives our students something in their mind to start building their learning process on and gives them a mental picture of the movements.

Next in our Learn to Surf Lesson is to take our boards to the beach. Once again, the same movements as were initially demonstrated, are shown again. With lots of help and feedback, students practice these movements on the sand and get the feeling of what needs to be done in the water when you catch the wave. This will build on the picture students have started to form in their minds as to what needs to be done to successfully surf. Our Gold Coast Learn to Surf lessons give every participant a variety of different learning stimuli to maximise knowledge and information uptake and therefore maximise success and fun.

Once everyone is comfortable with this (and after some safety reminders), we hit the water and progress to the main and most fun part of each and every one of our Gold Coast learn to surf lessons — practice in the waves. Once in the water, where everyone is able to stand, the real action starts to take place! Everyone enjoys the fun and challenge of riding the whitewater and the wipeouts that happen while trying to put all this new knowledge to use.

Our learn to surf lessons on the Gold Coast are all about having a go, having a laugh and trying to put everything together!

The structure of our Learn to Surf lessons has evolved after years of experience, time instructing and passion to perfect what we believe is the most comprehensive yet simple and effective Learn to Surf Lesson throughout the world. Our Gold Coast Learn to Surf lessons have proved to be hugely successful and a heap of fun for everyone involved where all our participants have a great time, learn the basics of surfing and do it all in a safe, unthreatening environment.

The techniques covered in our Gold Coast Learn to Surf Lessons are P1010043 (1024x768)

  • Surf Safety
  • Surf Awareness
  • Basic board handling and maneuvering
  • Paddling
  • Positioning on the board for trimming
  • Push up position
  • Stand up technique
  • Catching and riding waves
  • Basic Learn to Surf information


We have had the full spectrum of participants learn to surf on the Gold Coast with us. It’s not only the young ones that come and learn to surf but also those with a couple more years under their belt. So far we have had an age range that have come to learn to surf with us from 4 years old right up to 78 years old and everything in between. Not only has there been a huge age range that have come and joined in our learn to surf Gold Coast lessons but we have also had a huge range of nationalities from all over the world including from the Asian countries, to the North and South American countries, Europeans from the east, west, north and south and the many island countries – not to mention the vast number of Australians, both locals and those holidaying up our way. We look forward to having you come and join our Gold Coast Learn to Surf lessons when you are on the Gold Coast next.

Coolangatta QLD

Meet here 15 minutes prior to your lesson
Hi to all at Greenmount I was up there last week and booked in for a group lesson on Sunday, Fathers Day. I can already surf, but hadn’t been on a wave for 18months. So out we went, Dan and I, into a lovely little rolling surf. The water temp was very pleasant (down here around Newcastle it’s still 16), the sun was shining, and I didn’t have to paddle too much, which was good, because I’m 72. Had a really good session with Dan. He was very supportive, and encouraging. He pumped me up no end; made me think that I wasn’t past it just yet, so now I’ll have to keep at it, which was my intention anyway. Beforehand, he did ask me what I hoped to gain from the lesson. “I’d just like to be able to stand up and catch a reasonable wave to show that I can still do it.” That happened, so it was all good. Thanks for the opportunity to do it, on such a surfer-friendly wave, and thanks to Dan for his upbeat and positive encouragement. It was a great morning. Cheers, Garry H.
Garry H

Newcastle NSW

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