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Our Beginner Group Surf Lessons are an excellent way to get you started surfing

Our Advanced Gold Coast Performance Surf Coaching Sessions aims to take the surfer who has been surfing for a number of years, has mastered the intermediate skills and wants to speed up the progression through this higher end intermediate, early advanced stage of skill acquisition through our Gold Coast Performance Surf Coaching.

The surfer for this level should be competent in paddling onto and taking off on medium plus sized waves (head high and just over), should have a fairly solid bottom turn and be competent in surfing top to bottom close to the pocket.

The surfer should have a strong understanding of positioning in the water, where to be sitting and what waves to be paddling for as well as being confident in all types of conditions and have a solid sense of surf awareness and understanding.

The objectives of our Gold Coast Performance Surf Coaching are to increase the power and flow of surfing, to tweak up the manoeuvres and make the top turns more dynamic, more powerful and more aesthetically pleasing to watch with more spray thrown, more critical manoeuvres completed and ridden out of. They are designed to work on performance surfing where the surfer is encouraged to surf much more in the pocket, in the more critical section of the waves and perform.

For those surfers who want to practice their surfing on land between sessions, when they can’t get to the beach or when the waves are not happening or for a cool board to get around on, we use and recommend the StreetBoardz range.  You can check out our page showing all the different styles and options available.

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