Our Amazing Grom Squads – afterschool or weekend surfing programs

Grom Squads

Our Grom Squads Program is designed for local groms that are surfing at various levels from the basic beginner to those surfing at a higher more advanced level.

These sessions are an informal session where our Instructor is there to give feedback and work on developing these more advanced skills as opposed to the more structured format of our Group, Private and SurfGrom lessons.

Depending on demand, our GromSquads are after school or on weekends..

Our Grom Squads are separate sessions to the SurfGroms and are a more informal session which is a supervised surfing program with our instructors giving advice and assistance to help those in the sessions but in a less structured way as our formal programs. It offers our groms cost effective surfing sessions to come and continue their surfing with us in scheduled sessions each week, to build, grow and further develop their skills and confidence.

It is a follow on option for those that have surfed with us in our SurfGrom Programs, our School Surfing Programs or our general Group or Private Lessons. Please note the intermediate and advanced sessions are on an ‘Invite Only’ basis as Groms have to be surfing to a minimum standard to join the Squad to ensure everyone is at a similar level. These Programs work on a 5 week basis with of 2 sessions per week and so 10 sessions per Program.

The Beginner GromSquad is suitable for those in the early stages of learning.

Our Intermediate GromSquad is aimed at Groms who can paddle onto their own whitewater waves and occasionally green waves and who consistently jump to their feet with the optimal take off technique.

Our Advanced Grom Squads are for the Groms at a level where they should be able to paddle on to small green waves by themselves or bigger white water waves and are progressing to turning and using the wave face with basic manoeuvres and have the ideal one movement jump up technique dialed.

For Groms wanting to practice and improve their balance, core stability and strength, we strongly recommend IndoBoards. You can check out the website showing all the different styles and options available. For Groms wanting their own foam board, here is some info on what we can assist with. Also as our Groms begin to progress and improve and move into the line up, it is vital they understand Surf Etiquette, that is the basic rules of surfing

Coolangatta QLD

Meet here 15 minutes prior to your lesson

James is still LOVING his surfing so would be super keen to continue on with surfing for him! Although he isn’t a natural, he is really having fun. As I always say, hisinstructor is THE best too. Love your programme AND company. Thanks! Kind regards Amanda


Mum of one of our GromSquad surfers

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