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The Story Of Kiki and Indo Coco

We are always really excited and stoked to see people being inventive, backing themselves and trying new things and showing true entrepreneurial leadership. We are especially excited when this is with locals and even more so when they are the younger generations. This is very much so with the INDO COCO range that started out as zinc for sun protection and is steadily growing in range.

Being in the elements, under the hard sun of the Coast, especially throughout summer, we all need high quality, high performing sun protection. We are always on the look out for great stuff that keeps us protected. Especially as instructors, being outside, being in the ocean teaching and in the surf catching waves for ourselves, this is something that is critically important for us. We face the direct sun, the wind and the glare and reflection off the water constantly, day in day out. We were stoked when we came across Indo Coco

We think that the background on this brand is super cool and thought we would share it.

Meet Kiki and the story behind INDO COCO  (Instagram feed – @indo.coco)

Kiki is half Peruvian half Australian teenager growing up with her 4 siblings in Bali, an island girl who inherited her dads passion for the waves. At the age of 12 she was finding hard to go surfing without burning her skin with the chemicals used in sunscreens: “I have very sensitive skin, was finding that my skin (especially my face) was reacting to most of the sunblocks. I decided to do some research.”

Yes, being 12 years old, she researched how to be sun-safe in the surf without burning or irritating her skin. “I soon discovered that there were so many chemicals in so many products, being the main cause of the irritation to my skin. So after having trouble finding natural sunblocks I decide to try make my own, with natural ingredients, safe for the environment , non-polluting, something that looked & felt good, effective when used.”

“My parents lent me some money for my first batch, the natural zinc. At first it was just my family & close friends that wanted to buy, but quickly was sold out & there were still people who wanted some, so I producedanother batch, it all escalated from there.”

“After the success of the zinc I decided to keep going. The next product which was hard find, natural & effective was my mineral deodorant.”

At just 15, Kiki had 4 products within her Indo Coco range: zinc, mineral deodorant, natural insect repellent and a body butter.

Her source of inspiration are her young siblings, living on the island, eaten by insects & the sun. “I am still working hard on new products that you guys will hopefully love, I am wanting to expand with a full range of products that we can all use, natural, safe, that smell awesome & fun to use!!”

Having just finished school and graduating in 2021, we are super excited to see what is in store for Kiki, her entrepreneurial flair and the IndoCoCo range.

How did we first hear about Indo Coco?

Out of the blue, we got an email and social media message asking if we were interested in trialling some zinc from a local product. Always being interested in seeing new things, learn about new products and try new sun protection we agreed to meet. After a number of back and forth messages and emails to learn more about the product and then arrange a meeting, we were absolutely blown away to meet Kiki and learn that at the time of meeting she was only 16.

We wish Kiki and Indo Coco all the best for a hugely successful and bright future and are so impressed by the drive, the innovation, the passion and the entrepreneurial prowess of Kiki and great support of her family!


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