Kick Start your Surfing Journey

Our first 2021/22 Summer Adult Surfing Programs are about to start

Kick Start you Surfing Journey in our new Adult Specific Surfing Programs

Kick start your surfing journey now with our first Adult Surfing Programs for the 2021/22 Summer Season. For anyone wanting to be a surfer, not just learn to surf, you cannot beat these progressive, multi week programs. We have our first ones for this summer starting in the coming weeks with the initial one set to begin on the morning of Sunday the 7th November.

Perfect Walkin On Water Surf Lesson Conditions at GreenmountWe are so passionate about these programs and they are one of our favourites for all of our instructors to run. We get as excited as our surfers when we have the chance to spend multiple sessions with them and help build on their skills and knowlegde from week to week, moving from one thing on to the next in a properly structured lesson progression. Helping a surfer develop and improve their holistic skills, wanting their improvement and seeing not just their understanding and skill level increase but also their love, their passion and their motivation to keep surfing, keep improving and keep progressing is what drives us and fires this passion of ours!

While our beginner learn to surf group lessons are a fantastic way to get the basics, try the sport and have some fun and have a small little tease and taste of what it is like to surf, it is really only this – a tease and small little taste. For someone who wants to really become a surfer, you need more. 

There is no better way to really fire up your surfing and get it moving as quickly as possible as our Adult Surfing Programs! These are specifically designed, tailored to and targetted at adults of all ages and stages of life. You are never too young or old to start surfing and to begin surfing.

These comprehensive adult specific surfing programs have multiple aims and goals. Firstly of course is to teach our surfers the correct techniques in a progressive development. However another major component, and an often forgotten part of such programs that we focus on is to educate our surfers in important surf safety, surf awareness and surf specific knowledge.

This helps our SURFERS TO BECOME REAL SURFERS  and to ensure we help all of our crew to get better and improve as quickly and efficiently, but also importantly holistically, as possible.

Walkin On Water Surf Lessons - Smiles and Cheering Instructor

For smooth, easy progression and development of a surfer, it is of course extremely important that everyone learns and understands correct technique. Without this correct technique at the early beginner stage, it can be very easy for bad habits and poor technique to beomce ingrained in a new surfers mind and in their muscle memory. The longer this continues, the harder it is to fixe. We are therefore extremely focused on teaching perfect technique and really pushing hard with continual, specific feedback to all our surfers on what they can do or how they can tweak their movements to improve their performances. Therefore to make the learning journey as smooth and enjoyable we are highly technical and specific with this feedback and push our surfers to do it correctly from the beginning.

On top of this surf specific technical component, we  provide comprehensive information on  understanding surfing and the surfing environment. This is so often a much overlooked component of learning to surf and improving surfing performance. Having an understanding of waves, the ocean, the location, equipment and other important surfing information and safety aspects is vital for all surfers. It will help a surfer to

  • understanding conditions and how conditions might change during a session for example with changing tides, changing winds or changing swells
  • know what is suitable for them in terms of conditions and equipment,
  • what dangers there may be and how to minimise or avoid them,
  • what to be looking for when checking the surf and doing a pre-surf venue analysis,
  • where the take off points may be and of these take off points, which is the one most suitable for them
  • where to be sitting in the ocean to be best positioned for maximising the waves in terms of quality, length of ride and number of waves
  • the best paddle line to take to get to the area they want to be surfing
  • and a host of other useful and needed information.

It will therefore help the surfer maximise his or her safety and the safety of others in the water but also maximise surf time, wave quality, wave usage and wave count, helping the surfer to surf better faster.

Start your journey with us NOW- we would love to share our amazing sport with you!

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