Kudla Surf T-shirts

Join us BREAKING THE POVERTY CYCLE through Surfing with our Kudla Surf T-shirts

Kudla Surf T-shirts – Supporting Empowerment Programs

Kudla Surf - India's first pakka surf brand

We would love you to you join us in this powerful empowerment program we run to help break the poverty cycle by simply purchasing one of the Kudla Surf t-shirts.

You not be aware of the community work and social programs we do but one of our long term programs has been to use surfing to help break the poverty cycle and empower the youth especially in underprivileged communities.

We have recently launched a range of basic 100% cotton t-shirts, our Kudla Surf t-shirts, where all monies from the sales will be going to directly back into help fund and expand this program. You may have seen us wearing one of these at the surf school before or after the lesson. We are selling them here for only $22.50. You can purchase and collect from us or we can also ship Australia wide. Of course, you can come and purchase from us at the Surf School too if you are in the area, please just let us know so we can arrange a time for pick up.

They are currently available in a number of colours – Black with white print; White with blakc print; Baby blue (sky blue) with black print; Royal blue with white print; Yellow with blue print and; Olive green with blue print.


It is something we are passionate about and even if you do not decide to purchase a t-shirt, we would love to raise this awareness. There is a lot of information on the Kudla Surf website about the Youth who we are targeting and Our Empowering Programs.

Maybe if you feel this is a worthy cause, you can mention it to friends and family who might also be interested to support our Program. Thank you _()_

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