Kudla Surf

Kudla Surf is our new partner supplying WoW clothing and equipment

Kudla Surf – Community Focused New Surf Brand

Kudla Surf - India's first pakka surf brand

Kudla Surf is a new surf and aquatic sports brand that we are honoured to support and be supplied by. Based in India the new brand has a number of aims.

Firstly, it aims to help build and develop the surf and aquatic sports industries in India, supplying high quality product and equipment at reasonable prices. This is to ensure that this equipment is available but also that it is affordable to the local surfers and aquatic sports participants. As the sports are still so young there and a lot of those doing them come frmo very marginal and underprivileged backgrounds, they do not have the disposable to be able to be able to afford often much more than barely surviving.

Secondly and most importantly, as part of this support, Kudla Surf are working hard together with other partners to run programs at no cost to those youth and children especially from the local coastal and fishing villages to train them in new skills, new sports and new knowlegde to empower them to be able to change their lives and the lives of their families now and in the future.

Often, these children and youth come from highly disadvantaged, underprivileged backgrounds with families who have been caught in the poverty cycle, sometimes for generations. Kudla Surf and partners, run these programs to enable these participants to break this cycle and provide a much brighter, more positive future for them.

Profits from the sale of their products go directly back into running and expanding these programs.

As well as supplying products in India, Kudla Surf is also supplying to businesses and companies around the world.

This supply is in clothing, uniforms, training wear and also at this stage soft ware, like leashes, wetsuits and deck pads.

Kudla Surf has supplied Walkin’ On Water with leashes, deck grips, new Instructor Shirts and our new Participant Shirts.

We also have available a range of Kudla t-shirts for sale. Walkin’ On Water does not make even 1 cent of profit in selling these. 100% of the money from the sales of these goes back to Kudla Surf to continue to build and grow to expand their programs and help more children and families break the poverty cycle

We are stoked and feel privileged to be a part of this.

To read more about Kudla Surf and their new brand, their Mission, aims and programs they run, please visit the website – www.kudlasurf.com 

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