Ladies Only Surfing

Surfing with just the girls!

Our Ladies Only Surf Lessons are dedicated to getting just the girls out in the surf together.

The Ladies Only Surf Lessons are aimed at the beginner to early intermediate level of surfer. Whether you are a mum and coming down for a surf with us after dropping your children off to school, you’re fitting in your girl time with other surfers or you want a relaxed, enjoyable social time out in the waves, followed by coffee afterwards and do it all in an all-girl, laid back non-threatening environment, then our Ladies Only Surf Lessons are perfect for you.

Surfing in the amazing, gentle conditions at Greenmount, catching and riding rolling waves off the point, kicking back with the girls on your board, in the surf in paradise is pretty hard to beat.

Contact us for more information on our Ladies Only Surf Lessons. 

Due to limited current demand, we have deactivated this booking option but please if you are interested in joining these, please email us We are actively working to get a regular Ladies Only Program back up and running again. We apologise for any inconvenience

Hi to all at Greenmount I was up there last week and booked in for a group lesson on Sunday, Fathers Day. I can already surf, but hadn’t been on a wave for 18months. So out we went, Dan and I, into a lovely little rolling surf. The water temp was very pleasant (down here around Newcastle it’s still 16), the sun was shining, and I didn’t have to paddle too much, which was good, because I’m 72. Had a really good session with Dan. He was very supportive, and encouraging. He pumped me up no end; made me think that I wasn’t past it just yet, so now I’ll have to keep at it, which was my intention anyway. Beforehand, he did ask me what I hoped to gain from the lesson. “I’d just like to be able to stand up and catch a reasonable wave to show that I can still do it.” That happened, so it was all good. Thanks for the opportunity to do it, on such a surfer-friendly wave, and thanks to Dan for his upbeat and positive encouragement. It was a great morning. Cheers, Garry H.

Garry H

Newcastle NSW

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