Soft Boards For Sale

New and Used Foam and Soft Boards For Sale

We often have a range of New and Used Soft Foam Boards for Sale

We often have a range of new and used Soft Boards for sale.

Whatever your level of surfing ability, we highly recommend and encourage at least one foam board in your quiver! For those learning, they are the best way to learn and progress.

For those who surf at a high level, a foam board, especially one of the new school performance boards that are available, increases you opportunities to surf and have a lot of fun while stiff practicing and developing your surfing. It can assist you in trying manoeuvres that you might yet to be landing with a high ride out rate or it could be to ensure you have a good fun wave count in those smaller fatter days!

We have access to excellent foam boards for this purpose and can assist you in stocking your foamie quiver!

For second hand boards, as Walkin On Water continues to update and maintain high quality soft boards for use in the Surf School, we regular have a number of soft boards for sale.

Our Soft Boards we use in our lessons are a really high quality and strong soft board to be able to cope with the high usage they get through the surf school. Please contact us for prices on New SoftBoards that we can source for you.

Please note that all of or 2nd hand boards are sold as is and in their current condition. We cannot give any guarantee as to the life. Please contact us for more information on our Soft Boards for Sale

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