Southern Gold Coast Day Trip Itinerary Ideas

To Inspire You to Get Out for a Southern Gold Coast Day Trip

Some Itinerary Ideas for a Southern Gold Coast Day Trip

Enjoy an unforgettable day with one of our Southern Gold Coast Day Trip Ideas

There is an abundance of great fun and exciting activities and adventures, as well as relaxing, laid back options to fill plenty of days if you are coming to the Gold Coast. We have put together a range of Southern Gold Coast Day Trip itinierary ideas to help inspire and energise a jam packed day of adrenalin experiences or for a more sedate chilling day on the south end of the Coast. There are ideas and options for a range of budgets.

Maybe we are very biased, but we do think we live and work in our own little piece of paradise here in the southern Gold Coast. And we want to share some of the better known, but also some of the locals known ideas to give you a day to remember!

All of our Southern Gold Coast day trip ideas include one of our unbeatable, comprehensive morning Learn to Surf Group Lessons. (This can easily be substituted for a Private Lesson if you would prefer.)

We highly recommend after your time in the waves with us, to refuel, recharge and rehydrate for the afternoon that you head to the Currumbin Beach Vikings Surf Club for unbeatable views and fantastic food to match, situated on Elephant Rock where the waves can be breaking around you below at ground level!

And as a special offer, Currumbin Vikings is offering a special on meals for breakfast, lunch or dinner for our surfers and their families!!

Surf & Rainforest Waterfalls

After a morning of waves, laughs and fun in our surf lesson, head to Currumbin to spend the afternoon, after a bite to eat at the Surf Club, immersed in a spectacular rainforest complete with waterfalls, pools to dip in, creeks to explore, history to read or simply kick back and relax to take in the beauty and serenity. While the well known Currumbin Rock Pools are great, Cougal Cascades and the rainforest is amazing!

Here is an example of a Day Trip with an afternoon up the Currumbin Valley

Group Surfing Lesson
9.45am to 12pm

Lunch at Currumbin Vikings
12:30 to 2pm

Discover Currumbin Valley with the Rock Pools, Rainforest and Cougal Cascades.

Drive up the Valley. Visit Currumbin Rock Pools

Keep going up the Valley to the end to visit Cougal Cascades and wander through the rainforest in Springbrook National Park

Frolic in the rock pools and waterfalls. Read the history of the area. Meander through the rainforest. Be adventurous and explore the creeks past the Old Sawmill.

Find a place to sit, relax and escape in the serenity and tranquillity of the National Park.

Adrenaline Day - Surf & Skydive

Plan a day with the ulitmate rush, learning to surf with us and then booking with the Gold Coast SkyDive Team for a SkyDive. Alternatively, if you are not ready for jumping from the plane, why not still get in the air but rather than jumping, get your adrenaline spike with the Gold Coast Adventure Flights crew.

Surf n Sanctuary

After an aquatic morning riding wave after wave, a quick meal at Currumbin Surf Club, stroll a mere few hundreds metres across to Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary for an afternoon of animals! Meander around the amazing Sanctuary checking out the animals; get up close and personal with some of them cuddling a koala or one of the many others able to be held, cuddled or patted; watch one of the many live shows available each day; visit the Animal Hospital; feed the kangaroos; and take in the amazing Wildlife Sanctuary and all its beauty, the phenomenal Australian Wildlife and learn a lot about these animals, the Sanctuary’s hospital and other community roles it plays.

An Day Trip Itinerary could look like this:

Walkin’ On Water Group Surfing Lesson9.45am to 12pm

Lunch at Currumbin Vikings
12.30 to 1.30pm

Discover Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary

  • Meander around the Sanctuary looking at all the animals in their natural environments
  • Feed some of the animals
  • Cuddle and pat some of the residents!
  • Watch one of the many shows that run each day
  • Learn about the Sanctuary’s hospital and all CWS does for wildlife

Aquatic Day - Surf n Paddle

Have a full aquatic day, starting with your surf lesson, followed with a lunch and then spend an afternoon filled with playing on the beautiful Currumbin Creek on either a kayak or SUP, throwing out a fishing line or just relaxing on the creekside, wiling away the hours.

An idea for a Day Trip could be

  • Walkin’ On Water Group Surfing Lesson
    • 9.45am to 12pm
  • Lunch at Currumbin Beach Surf Club
    • 12.30 to 1.30pm
  • Play and paddle on the beautiful Currumbin Creek with kayaks and stand up paddle boards or try your luck with a line and go fishing!
    • Head to the Currumbin Boat Shed to hire equipment and then spend the afternoon relaxing on the sandy shores of the creek
    • Bringing a compact rod with you is a great way to enjoy a spot off fishing without weighing yourself down with fishing equipment for the rest of the day
Challenge Day - Surf to the Trees

Challenge yourself in the ocean with one of our lessons, refuel at the Vikings Surf Club and then follow this up with an afternoon of challenges in the trees with the TreeTop Challenge. With zip lines, over 80 challenges in the tree tops and phenomenal views of the animals and Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary below, it is an action packed way to spend the afternoon.

Your Challenge Day could look like this

Walkin On Water Surf School Group Surfing Lesson
9.45am to 12pm

Lunch at Currumbin Vikings
12.30 to 1.30pm

Challenges yourselves to the Tree Tops Challenge located in Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary

In dense rainforest less than 200m from Currumbin Beach you’ll be high in the sky pushing your mind and body to jump, climb and pull yourself through more than 80 challenges of varying difficulties along with 11 absolutely epic and extreme flying foxes.

Zipline over crocodiles, kangaroos, dingoes and emus

Over 80 challenging elements to tackle

11 epic ziplines

4 levels to tackle, from easy through to extreme

Book a surfing lesson or program with Walkin on Water today!

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