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Walkin on Water Training & Surf Education LogoFor those that need formal training, certification and qualifications in the Surf Industry, we can provide an array of options for you.

We are heavily involved and passionate about Surf Education and ensuring that our industry is a professional industry with highly skilled, highly trained and highly professional to ensure we have a professional reputation.

We deliver our Surf Education Programs in Australia but also internationally with a large spread of training run all over the surfing world.

Our Australian Surf Education programs are mainly focussed on the surf rescue and emergency care certification. We are a licensed provider for Surf Life Saving Queensland and run Surf Life Saving Australia (SLSA) Surf Survival courses, Surf Rescue Certificate courses and the Certificate II in Public Safety (Aquatic Rescue)/Bronze Medallion Community award.

These SLSA qualifications are required in numerous vocations and by a number of different people.

The SLSA Surf Survival Certificate is a requirement for example for school students to have and maintain proficiency in when they are doing surfing as a school sport in for example School Rec Surfing or Performance Surfing Programs.

The SLSA Surf Rescue Certificate is the minimum requirement for Surf and SUP Instructors to have and maintain proficiency in to work as a Surf or SUP Instructor. It is also required by teachers involved in water sports at their schools.

The SLSA Certificate II in Public Safety (Aquatic Rescue)/Bronze Medallion Community Award is a higher level of training for Surf and SUP Instructors and teachers if they want extra training. It is also the requirement for Surf/Beach Lifeguards.

Internationally our Surf Education Programs revolve around developing, growing and professionalising the Surf Industry in new and developing surf locations but also working with well developed countries as well to further progress their industry. The Surf Education Programs that we run are the International Surfing Association (ISA) courses. The ISA is the international governing body for surfing, SUP and surf sports. The Courses that we run include the ISA Level 1 Surf Instructor, ISA Level 2 Surf Instructor, ISA Flatwater SUP Instructor, ISA Surf SUP Instructor, ISA Level 1 Judge and the new ISA Aquatic Rescue and Safety Course specifically designed (by us) for the surf industry focused specifically on safety and rescue from a Surf and SUP Instructors perspective.

We also work closely with many National Governing Bodies to advise and assist in them developing, building and growing a sustainable, effective and professional surf industry.

For more information on our international programs, please go to the International Surfing Development website. If you are wanting to complete your Surf or SUP Instructor Training outside of Australia, you can do it with us in one of our many locations that we run these courses. Locations that we have trained and work in include Europe (including Italy, United Kingdom and Sweden), India, Taiwan, China, Hong Kong, South Korea, Costa Rica, Peru and Chile.

For more information on our Surf Education Programs, please email us

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