Surf Etiquette Surfing Rules

By understanding and following the basic Surf Etiquette Surfing Rules, the line up will be far more enjoyable and a much safer place for all surfers in the water, no matter their ability.

They are based on common sense and respect. It is amazing how quickly a vibe in the water can change once someone begins to blatantly knowingly break the rules and disrespects the other surfers in the line up. Surfing should be a super enjoyable, super relaxed and laid back sport to be able to catch and ride waves in the serenity of the ocean and to feel and experience that amazing sensational of riding waves and being a part of such a magic environment – our aquatic playground!

We take our responsibility very seriously when we are training new surfers and our surfers are getting ready to join the line up out the back in the unbroken or green waves. We therefore integrate these basic rules into all our sessions when working with and coaching this level of surfer.

For those surfing in close to shore on the broken waves, knowing and understanding our surf etiquette is not of major importance. However once a surfer is past this stage and is surfing in areas where there are other surfers and riding green waves, it is vital that these rules are learnt, understood and obeyed.

We are going to add Blog Posts to highlight specific Surf Etiquette Surfing Rules to assist people learn about them in an easy to understand way.

If you see someone in the water not following these surfing rules and they are obviously in their early stages of learning and progression, it might be simply that they do not understand that rules for surfing actually exist. The first approach is to explain the basic surf etiquette to the person. Often those learning and those working hard to improve their basic level of surfing  have so much happening in their head. They are focusing so hard on all the things that they themselves have to think about – to pick the wave they want, to paddle, to paddle onto and catch the wave, to take off and stand up and then to perform any basic moves or manoeuvres, that they do not have the time to also be thinking about whats happening around them and with others.

The Surf Etiquette Surfing Rules that we will discuss are

More information on Surf Etiquette can be found on our website page here

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