What is the best way to start surfing?

Here we look at the common question – what is the best way to start surfing?

When people start surfing, one of the most common questions is – “What is the best way to start surfing?”

For people who have decided that they want to get into surfing, one of the most common questions they want to know is ‘What is the best way to start surfing?’.

Learn to Surf in Coolangatta Sand Practice to Begin

Learn to Surf in Coolangatta Sand Practice

To start the surfing journey and have the fastest, most effective and efficient introduction to surfing, it is vital that people start the right way. While it can be tempting to make the decision to just buy a board and get into the line up and try or have some friends who surf help them start with their beginnings, it is very rarely the best option to take.

The problems with these as a beginning can be many.

Firstly, the board that someone will go and buy without having any understanding of what they need, especially in the beginning of their surfing, is very different to what they walk out of the shop with. This is due to a lack of understanding by the person buying the board as well as the people working in the shop where they buy a board from or the sales assistant selling them the board that they have most stock of and trying to get rid of or them selling a board that has sat around in the shop and hasn’t moved. These are not the right factors to use when buying a first board for a beginner.

Sadly, we have seen many examples of this at the surf school where beginners are using a board completely unsuitable for them. It is a

Learn to Surf in Coolangatta - Suitable for all Ages

Learn to Surf in Coolangatta – Our Lessons are great for all ages

really awkward hard situation when someone comes and shows us their new purchase and we know that it is a terrible choice and purchase for them but we don’t want to deflate their excitement of their new stick by telling them that it was the worst decision they could have made!

Another misconception and common thought is that if you know how to surf, you know how to teach someone. This is completely false, even the best surfers don’t necessarily have the skills and knowledge to effectively and competently teach someone how to surf, although they can be a super high performing elite surfer. Conversely, someone who is only an intermediate surfer but a professional and fully qualified instructor, can be a phenomenal instructor of beginners even though they may have limited personal skills level above a basic intermediate level. Such a surfer, while maybe able to easily and competently surf themselves, might not possess the skills and understanding of how to teach someone else to do it. They may not have the understanding of how to explain and demonstrate the correct techniques, the instructing eye to be able to detect well performed movements and the ideal specific appropriate feedback to help the person improve their performance and do the techniques better.

What is the best way to start surfing?

ladies only surf sessions Assistance given in surf lessonsThe best advice we can suggest and offer for someone who really wants to start surfing and begin their journey into an amazing sport is to go and get a lesson at a professional, high quality surf school and be taught by professional fully qualified surf instructors.

One of the most important factors for a surfer and the factor instrumental in progression, development and ultimately the potential level someone will be able to reach is their technique and skills. We firmly believe that so much is dependent on that first introduction, the initial teaching and the focus on correct technique. This is why we work so hard in our surf lessons and surf programs to make sure that perfect technique is explained and demonstrated and then while are surfers are practising in our lessons that they are given the correct, specific and appropriate feedback that helps reinforce the correct technique, begins from the outset to train muscle patterns and muscle memory to complete the techniques with the correct movements in the right sequence. If this is not focused on and there are mistakes in a surfers technique and these are allowed to continue, they become a habit and automatic. Once this happens, it is extremely hard to change and requires much work and dedication to change these.

Also, during a lesson or surf program, the professional surf school will ensure that the surfers are using appropriate equipment and rightGrom froth surf board for where they are at that will assist and maximise improvement, development and progression. The surf school and experienced instructors will also be able to recommend and advise their surfers what type of board they should be looking at to be using to continue to practise and what they should be looking at if they are wanting to purchase their own.

A single lesson is a great start but even better than this is a structured program designed for beginners to learn, improve, develop and progress. This should allow the surfer to learn the basics and then continue to improve and progress in a structure program with the continual feedback and progressive techniques and skills that a well designed program should offer. This is the reason we run the multi session programs like our SurfGroms for children, our Adult Surfing Programs for adults and also our Surf Camps.

If you are ready to begin your surfing journey and want to start an amazing new sport, we would love to have the privilege of sharing our passion with you and taking you on your surfing journey!

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