WoW Positions Available

We currently have WoW Positions Available to work with us on the beach in a variety of capacities

Work on the beach with us in one of our WoW Positions Available

We are currently looking to fill WoW Positions available for those that want to work on the beach with us.

We are looking for both short term casual staff as well as for people who are interested to work with us long term.

If you are

  • fully qualified,
  • professional,
  • motivated
  • high energy
  • dependable and reliable
  • willing to continue learning
  • passionate about teaching surfing,
  • are able to work cohesively in a team under our Head Instructor and
  • want to improve to be the best instructor you can be
  • honest and trustworthy
  • easy going but professional


We are currently looking for three different roles to be filled.

Head Instructor

The Head Instructor position will be for someone to work with us long term. This person will be the one in charge of running the majority of lessons and programs on the beach and will be required to lead other instructors during larger programs.

This person will be in charge of operations on the beach and in the water.

This person will need to be experienced with ideally 5 or more years of working permantently or semi permanently as an instructor, be fully qualified and be very experienced and knowledgable in terms of conditions and the ocean.

Surf School Manager

The Surf School Manager position will similarly be for someone to work with us long term. The manager will be in charge of organisation and the non teaching side of the surf school. This will include taking bookings, arranging instructors for programs, maintaining equipment and the surf school operating premises, administrative duties and possibly for scheduling programs, sourcing new business and new clients and putting together new programs.

This role will cover the non beach and non water component of operations, focusing on the organisation, structure and smooth runnings of the srrf school.


Ideally we would prefer to have one person take on both roles of Head Instructor and Surf School Manager but are open to this being split roles


We are looking for casual instructors to be working with us for the summer busy period but also want to get some instructors to be working with us long term with our schools and large group bookings.

We are after both experienced instructors who are able to lead their own lessons and work as a lead instructor, possibly with other instructors working with them.

We are also after instructors who maybe do not have the same level of experience and can be assistant instructors, working with other more experienced instructors.


We are also looking for some energetic groms, youngsters who are keen to have a fun casual job on the beach helping us in our set up, during lessons, pack up, maintenance work and odd jobs to help our instructors. These positions are to simply provide support and assist our instructors to ensure a smooth daily running of lessons and to help keep all of our equipment operational. No experience is necessary for this role but groms ened to be motivated, happy, friendly, be able to work as part of team and take instructions from those they are working with.



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